Application to a Degree Program

If you are currently enrolled in a degree program at the University of Guelph, you may take distance education courses for a variety of reasons:

  • distance courses provide you with flexibility in designing your own study schedule and/or allow you to avoid timetable conflicts
  • distance courses allow you an opportunity to pick up credits while away on summer break or on a co-op job placement
  • sometimes courses are only offered via distance in a given semester
  • many prefer to learn via distance education

Although you cannot yet complete an entire degree at the University of Guelph via distance education, it does provide a great deal of flexibility for both learners and academic departments in scheduling and completing courses.

Admission and Registration in Distance Education Courses for Degree Program Students

New Applicants

If you have never previously registered at the University of Guelph, and wish to apply to a degree program, you should contact Admissions (519 821-2130) for an application. If you are registered at another university, you must request a Letter of Permission from your university to enable you to apply courses from the University of Guelph toward your degree.

In-Course Students

If you have previously registered at the University of Guelph, but have not yet graduated, you should consult the Schedule of Dates in the current undergraduate calendar, or contact our office. Requests for courses may be accepted, in writing, during the preregistration period preceding the semester in which you wish to enrol. Or, using an Undergraduate Course Request form, you may request a distance education course (indicating Section DE).

Should You Apply for Entry to a Degree Program?

You should apply for entry to a degree program if:

  • you are applying to take a course(s) on campus on a Letter of Permission from another university
  • you are finishing a degree you have already started at the University of Guelph

To apply for entry to a degree program at the University of Guelph, contact Admissions at 519 821-2130, or go to

Application Deadlines for NEW Degree Program Students

Visit the Admissions website for a schedule of important dates and application deadlines.

Taking Courses for Personal Enrichment or Professional Development

If you are not enroled in a degree program and you are applying for entry to course(s) for any of the following reasons:

  • personal interest or enrichment
  • professional development
  • gaining credits that can eventually be applied to a degree program
  • upgrading or gaining additional credits for admission to a graduate program

...You should apply for entry to the Open Learning program.