OpenEd Welcomes Catherine McMeeking as New Instructor for Management of the Broodmare, Stallion and Foal

Posted on Monday January 04, 2021
Catherine McMeeking
Catherine McMeeking

OpenEd is delighted to add Catherine McMeeking to the growing list of experienced equine studies instructors. This winter, McMeeking will be teaching the newly redeveloped course Management of the Broodmare, Stallion and Foal.

“This course explores many areas of breeding management and provides a foundation of knowledge for those who wish to be a part of the breeding industry,” says Catherine. “Not only will students learn the science of breeding, they will expand their horizons, reflect on their own practices, and develop their skills.”

Catherine’s passion for horses began at an early age when her mother brought her to meet the 17.2hh Hanoverian horse from the farm next door. By age 12, Catherine got her first glimpse of working with a local Arabian Stud and never looked back.

Knowing she wanted to pursue a career in the equine industry, Catherine attended a local college and earned a diploma in equine studies, which included a year of hands-on work experience. She fulfilled her placement at Eric and Lizzel Winter riding school and event yard where she expanded her teaching skills and riding.

After completing the diploma, Catherine continued learning and gained a degree in applied equitation science as well as a master’s degree that focused on foal behaviour during weaning. She has since completed a post-graduate certificate in education and continues to collect data for breeding research.

Catherine’s journey has brought her to the Equine Studies Online program, where she brings her practical experience and theoretical knowledge to the course.

“I believe good breeding management with a focus on positive welfare is a key for success; in particular, stallion management—which is often poorly administered—and educating others to improve management practices is important for stallions,” says Catherine. “Another area of breeding I feel strongly about is effective foal management which can lay a foundation for the horse’s life, avoid negative experiences, and promote positive relationships between horses and humans.”

Management of the Broodmare, Stallion and Foal begins January 11, 2021.