OpenEd Recognized as a Premier English Language Training Organization

Posted on Tuesday November 14, 2023

Open Learning and Educational Support (OpenEd) is pleased to announce that their English Language Programs (ELP) have successfully met the Languages Canada Quality Assurance Standard requirements after completing an audit in October.

This accreditation is presented to an organization that has undergone a comprehensive audit and has demonstrated compliance within the key areas of:

  • Program administration and management
  • Student services
  • Teacher qualifications
  • Curriculum
  • Physical resources
  • Student admissions
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Homestay and residence

"The Certificate of Accreditation from Languages Canada demonstrates to our Canadian and international partners that the English Language Programs at the University of Guelph offer reliable and quality programming,” says David Siefker, interim ELP business development and program manager. “Our programs are an excellent choice for international students needing to develop their language and academic skills to be successful in university."

This accreditation also indicates the value that instructors bring to the ELP.

"Our instructors have on average 20 years of teaching experience. Most have graduate degrees in teaching English as a second language or applied linguistics, and they are actively engaged in professional development,” says Bill Hodges, academic coordinator and head teacher. “The curriculum undergoes regular review and renewal by our lead instructors. Program and course feedback shows that our students are highly satisfied by the quality of programming provided." 

The ELP in OpenEd has provided English language training and support for thousands of students, many of whom have gone on to study successfully at the University, for over 20 years. We look forward to continuing to provide high quality programs that support and promote students’ learning strategies.

About Languages Canada

The purpose of the Languages Canada standard is to ensure that the best interests of students studying or planning to study English and/or French in Canada are met. As a condition of membership with Languages Canada, all member programs must be accredited, which serves to confirm that they have met the rigorous requirements set out by this standard. Full audits are conducted once every four years.

About English Language Programs (ELP)

The ELP provides opportunities for English Language learners to develop their language ability, academic skills and understanding of Canadian culture. The programs and courses have been specifically developed to meet the needs of students entering undergraduate and graduate degree programs at the University of Guelph and provide a supported transition to student life in Canada.

Successful completion of the English Language Certificate Program meets the English language proficiency requirements for international students entering undergraduate and graduate degree programs at the University of Guelph.