OpenEd Welcomes Founder of PRIVATECH as Course Instructor

Posted on Friday June 11, 2021

This summer, join privacy and data security lawyer, consultant, and trainer, Fazila Nurani, as she leads Design and Delivery of Information Management, Privacy, and Access Programs. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, she brings her unique blend of legal knowledge, IT systems design, and cybersecurity management to the course. 

As the founder of PRIVATECH, Nurani services both the public and private sectors, including marketing firms, insurance and health sectors, technology companies, retailers, staffing, and financial service providers. Through her continuous work, she keeps up with major developments in the growing industry. 

“One of the biggest trends in information management is privacy breach prevention, cybersecurity, and managing a privacy breach,” says Nurani. “It’s crucial to develop best privacy practices to ensure data is used, stored, and shared appropriately, and to be accountable to those practices. By conducting detailed privacy assessments and gap analyses, developing strong data protection policies and procedures, and raising privacy awareness, we’re able to assist organizations to reduce the risk of a privacy breach.” 

With emerging trends comes industry challenges, including the predominant reason breaches start—human error and lack of diligence. In order to maintain industry guidelines, students will learn breach management techniques, compliance with changing legal frameworks, and popular topics in privacy including artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. 

“Privacy professionals are in high demand right now,” says Nurani. “Design and Delivery of Information Management, Privacy, and Access Programs provides students with the necessary and current knowledge that is critical to be part of this fast-paced field.” 

Prior to pursuing a career in law, Nurani worked with the United Nations in New York and for various consulting firms. During this time, she designed data flow models and customized data security procedures for clients. She continues to work with policy advisors and legal counsel in the Federal and Ontario governments, providing direction on the implementation of initiatives with privacy implications. 

Design and Delivery of Information Management, Privacy, and Access Programs begins June 30, 2021.