Creating a New World of Imagination with Experienced Author Nadia L. Hohn

Posted on Tuesday March 09, 2021
Nadia L. Hohn
Nadia L. Hohn

Published author Nadia L. Hohn creates a unique experience in the imagination of every young reader who comes across her stories. By using a range of writing techniques including plot, character, setting, and dialogue, Hohn is able to intrigue a diverse audience of children, teens, and young adults alike.

This April, she will be sharing her years of experience and insight in the upcoming Writing for Children course, an elective in the Creative Writing Certificate.

With more than 10 years of writing studies under her belt, almost 20 years of teaching, and an author of several children’s books, Hohn brings her knowledge to the virtual classroom to help students explore the main ingredients of writing a successful book for young readers.

“Students will walk away with greater confidence and knowledge about writing different forms for children and teens, as well as feedback and recommendations on their own work,” says Hohn. “They will also get an immersion into the field of children’s books—the community, the industry, the genres, and the marketability.” 

The remote delivery of the course provides the same opportunities to connect with other students and work together to improve writing skills. Throughout the course, students will engage with each other to critique and evaluate the creative work of their peers through workshopping and group work. 

“Workshopping stories is an important part of this course and an essential part of the writing process,” explains Hohn. “Receiving and responding to feedback, and revising and reworking stories are needed to improve and grow as a writer.”

Writing for Children begins April 7, 2021 and will be delivered remotely on Wednesday evenings.