Elise Lofgren Joins OpenEd as New Equine Behaviour Instructor

Posted on Monday January 04, 2021

This January, Dr. Elise Lofgren will join the Equine Studies Online program as the new instructor for Equine Behaviour. Elise will bring her unique combination of academic research and practical applications to the course.

“Equine behaviour is the foundation of understanding how horses operate and is something we must account for in our management and training of these horses,” says Lofgren. “Horses do not have agency to make decisions for themselves based on their needs. We must go out of our way to assure we can provide them with the proper environments to function.”

Elise’s equine journey began when she started riding lessons in Chicago, IL at the age of 11. By 16, she had her first horse and was working at a vet clinic. She began her equine-focused education at Murray State University in Kentucky and between semesters worked for various dressage and baroque horse trainers in the Chicagoland area.

Continuing her education in Kentucky, Elise received a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in equine science. While attending school, she participated in the equestrian programs and began a dressage club, which is still around today. While pursuing a doctorate at Purdue University, Elise became interested in the social science aspect of educating and communicating science-based welfare and management practices for horses.

“I was lucky enough to share my research in these areas at national and international conferences and became more active in the International Society for Equitation Science,” says Elise. “My passion is in how we can better communicate and educate those interested in horses or already in the industry to better implement science-based practices and better horse welfare everywhere.”

Elise continues to train and teach horses and riders at a boarding facility in Indiana that she and her wife help manage. She remains active in competitive dressage and recently acquired her United States Dressage Federation bronze medal aboard her self-trained Andalusian stallion. She continues to work towards earning silver and gold medals with the horse.

Equine Behaviour begins January 11, 2021.