Multi-Factor Authentication Now on Campus and What it Means for Students

Posted on Monday November 07, 2022

MFA is coming to U of G this winter, along with a chance for students to win if they set up their accounts early. A process many organizations use to verify identity, MFA is a best-practice security measure that adds an extra layer of protection to personal accounts.

MFA asks for identity verification through an app, text message, or other method before logging into a secure system. Sometimes known as two-step verification, MFA helps prevent others from accessing email and personal accounts.

Once MFA is set up on a account, the user will be asked to verify their identity when signing into Microsoft 365 services like GryphMail, Teams, and SharePoint.

From November 7 to 21, whenever students sign into Microsoft 365 services with their account, they’ll receive reminders to set up MFA.

Students who get their accounts set up for MFA by Nov. 21 could win a $50 Amazon gift card. 

Computing and Communication Services (CCS) is available to help students set up MFA for their accounts. Their in-person support booths are available on Nov 8, 9, 18 or 21.

Right now, MFA is optional, but highly recommended, for accounts. It will become a requirement later in the academic year. Reminders will go out as the MFA deadline approaches.

Set up MFA now.

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