Create Your 2023 Reading List with Books Written by Our Creative Writing Instructors

Posted on Wednesday January 11, 2023

From kindergarten to college, we’ve all repeatedly heard that developing a habit of reading is beneficial; but, do you know why? Reading doesn’t just offer a break from the screen; it’s an opportunity to expand your creativity and a proven way to reduce stress, increase mental stimulation, and improve concentration. Not only that, but researchers at Yale University found that book-readers live longer than non-book readers due to the cognitive faculties involved with deep reading (A chapter a day: Association of book reading with longevity | Elsevier Enhanced Reader).

Considering all the potential benefits, reading more is one of the best, and most feasible goals for 2023. Need help getting started? Try these books by some of our talented Creative Writing Certificate program instructors. Spanning genres--from short story collections to poetry to novels--there’s an option for every aspiring bibliophile. Best of all, most of our creative writing instructors are graduates from the University of Guelph’s MFA program, meaning you can reach reading milestones while also supporting the local literary community.