Why Strategic Leadership and Employee Engagement Matters

Posted on Monday June 03, 2019

Instructor Insight: A Q&A with Earl Manners

Beginning July 8, Earl Manners will join OpenEd as instructor for the Strategic Leadership and Employee Engagement course.

Earl has been at the forefront of Ontario labour relations for his entire career in education. He has conducted negotiations on behalf of a school authority, acted as a sidesperson in arbitrations for a social service agency, and has spoken publicly for businesses and associations across Ontario.

We had the opportunity to speak with Earl to gain some insight on why this course is relevant for anyone who wants to develop effective leadership practices, communication skills, and team-building strategies.

How is the subject matter of this course relevant to the current job market?

Engagement is vital to the success of an organization, department, teams, and individual growth. The more involved employees are, the better the decision-making process—from conceptualization to implementation. Greater creativity, ownership, commitment and follow through are indicative of sound leadership, strong teams, and motivated, resilient and proud employees.

What will be the key takeaways from the course?

Participants will learn that leadership skills matter, and that being positive, credible, encouraging and inspiring creates a safe and trusting environment. Always value and model best practices, coach and mentor, share responsibility, and have courageous and crucial conversations when necessary. Remember to build on success, not the problem.

How is this course relevant for people who don’t work in a school board environment?

All organizations want engaged, satisfied and effective employees. If leadership, motivation, emotional intelligence, communication, and team building are skills, then they can be learned. Organizations that want to remain relevant and thrive have a responsibility to themselves and to their employees to create the conditions for success.

This classroom-based course runs from Monday, July 8 to Friday, July 12. It can be taken as a standalone course for professional development or applied towards the Information and Communication Technology Management or Information Management, Privacy, and Access certificate programs.