Exploring Family Therapy and Mental Health with Carl Brown and William Corrigan

Posted on Monday June 24, 2019

This September, registered psychotherapists and marriage and family therapists Carl Brown and William Corrigan will join OpenEd as co-instructors of the course, Family Therapy and Mental Health. 

This course will help students in their therapeutic practice by deconstructing some of the clinical language around mental health.

“Our aim is to make the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5) user-friendly for family therapists,” explains Brown.

“[As family therapists] we don’t diagnose but we do assess, and we have to be able to speak the language of our more medically-minded colleagues, as well as that of our patients.”

Through the course, students will become familiar with the DSM-5 and its language for the major disorders of thinking (schizophrenia), feeling (anxiety, depression, bipolar) and behaving (personality). The impact of mental illness on family functioning and the current literature regarding how to address mental health conditions will also be explored.

“Close to 50% of people who precipitate with mental illness will see a non-physician first with a complaint related to their illness,” emphasized Brown.

“We can’t communicate a diagnosis, but we absolutely must be able to recognize when we have a client in our office who can benefit from a medical consult.”

When asked why students should consider enrolling in this course, Brown had some humorous advice.

“William and I have been co-teaching for over twenty years. Where else can you get an education in mental health diagnosis, and observe couple dynamics at the same time?”

Family Therapy and Mental Health runs September 13-14 and 28-29, 2019 in Guelph, Ontario. Save $100 by enrolling before early bird pricing ends on August 14, 2019.

Developed in partnership with the Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (OAMFT), the course is offered as an elective in the Certificate in Couple and Family Therapy Studies program.

For more information and to register, visit the Family Therapy and Mental Health course page.