Plant-Based Meal Planning: Your Path to Good Nutrition

Posted on Monday October 17, 2022

Achieving optimal health is a goal for many and is often accomplished through regular exercise and healthy eating. However, healthy eating is more than just mixing some fruits and vegetables into your meals; it requires careful planning and consideration to meet nutritional requirements. In fact, research shows that a significant number of Canadian adults have trouble achieving adequate intakes of multiple nutrients. (National Library of Medicine) Having sufficient nutrients means your body functions at its best, the risk of disease is lower, and overall well-being is be improved. 

So how can you guarantee your meals are full of essential micronutrients and macronutrients? One way to enhance your diet is through meal planning, which provides an opportunity to mindfully select foods that are nutritionally complete. This is especially important for those following a plant-based diet.  

In the words of Nutritional Benefits and Considerations course instructor Nicole Osinga, “meal planning helps to ensure that nutritious meals are within reach and accessible. It also makes healthier eating the easier choice.” 

In her upcoming course, Osinga—a registered dietitian with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Human Health from the University of Guelph—helps you identify the specific nutrients that must be met. 

“For optimal health, energy and nutrition adequacy, knowing about the nutritional elements of plant-based diets can help someone thrive,” says Osinga. “It also ensures confidence in how nutritionally sound plant-based diets can be.” 

Not only do students in the course learn about the nutritional composition of plant-based diets, but also how to get adequate amounts of a wide spectrum of nutrients. By analyzing their own diet and the diets of others, students learn how to plan meals properly to maintain good nutrition. The course also discusses possible health-related problems that can arise from nutrient deficiencies as well as the implications for plant-based diets.  

Whether you are adopting plant-based meals once a week or full-time, understanding the nutritional elements of what you’re eating helps you reach your health goals and become confident in your food choices. 

Nutritional Benefits and Considerations starts October 31, 2022.  

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