Award-Winning Published Author to Teach Young Adult Writing Course at U of G

Posted on Monday January 28, 2019
Mahak Jain
Mahak Jain

This February, OpenEd will welcome back award-winning author and MFA graduate Mahak Jain to teach Young Adult Writing.

Jain brings a breadth of knowledge and creativity to the classroom as she helps students expand their writing abilities by exploring the young adult genre.

“I love teaching and working with young adult writing because it's a category that allows for genre-blurring in a way that other categories don't," explains Jain. "I am looking forward to all the fun we can have with that.”

Students enrolled in this course will have the opportunity to read several sub-genres of young adult writing, from historical fiction to science fiction, and be exposed to a variety of writing styles and techniques, from first-person voice to novels in verse.

When asked why students should enrol in Young Adult Writing, Jain had some great advice.

“Anyone who is interested in writing fiction would benefit from taking a course in young adult writing. The genre really harnesses emotions in a way that is necessary for all fiction.”

“It can be a really good way, if you are struggling to connect with your characters or struggling with relationships in your work, to learn all about the role of emotion and character in a work.”

As a published writer, editor and educator based out of Toronto, Jain uses her curiosity about the people and environments that surround her to inspire her writing.

Based on her own experience, Jain suggests that to become a better writer, students should “read a lot, write a lot, and, if your time and budget allows, enroll in writing workshops so you can learn new techniques and get feedback on your work.”

Young Adult Writing with Mahak Jain begins February 5 in Guelph, Ontario. For more information and to register, visit the Young Adult Writing course page.