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First Cohort Completes the Integrated Admission Pathway in Summer 2019

In the fall of 2018, the Integrated Admission Pathway (IAP) was launched, representing a significant step forward for OpenEd. The creation of this new pathway required collaboration across a number of different groups on campus to deliver an academic preparation course with a higher level of student support than we’ve been able to deliver in the past.

The integration of degree-credit and English language courses and a high level of subject specific support have allowed our IAP graduates to begin full-time studies in September 2019 with a very firm grounding in their academics and communication skills. Initial feedback from graduates currently studying in undergraduate programs reflected a high level of confidence in their interactions with classmates and staff, and a stronger integration with campus life. 

Languages Canada Accreditation 

Every four years, English Language Programs (ELP) undergoes its on-site audit to maintain Languages Canada accreditation. The most recent audit took place in August and involved a comprehensive submission of documents in advance of the visit, followed by a full day of meetings with the auditor who met with staff, instructors and students, looking in detail at every aspect of the English Language Programs. This process results in a detailed program report outlining strengths and recommendations for improvement.

This year we successfully met all standards and had several noted areas of strength, including student orientation, instructor experience and qualifications, and counselling support. 

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Summer Business English Focuses on UN Sustainable Development Goals

Every summer since 2012, we have delivered the Business English Program for our Japanese partner, Doshisha University. In 2018, we added Musashino University to the program, and in 2019 the number of Musashino participants continued to grow.

The program offers Japanese students a unique opportunity to learn about Canadian businesses and community organizations, and this year’s focus was on how both Canada and Japan are working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

There were presentations from the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics, as well as visits to large and small local businesses such as Amazon and the Guelph Downtown Business Association. 

ELP Instructors’ Professional Development

On June 7, Anindita (Dita) Chaudhury gave a presentation at the TESL Ontario Peel Halton Etobicoke PD Event. The presentation, Think in English!, focused on using first language (L1) in fostering second language (L2) writing development. Dita was also on the panel for TESL Ontario's College/University Committee: Sharing the Vision at TESL Ontario's 47th Annual Conference in December.

Cynthia Eden, David Siefker and Samantha Burns published an article in the 2019 Teacher Trainer Journal—Meeting the needs of Mexico's bi-lingual post-secondary teachers with a CLIL-based teacher training program.

In May, David Siefker, Ling Hu and Nataliya Borkovska hosted Experiential Learning in a Business English Program: Opportunities and Challenges, a session at the Teaching & Learning Innovations (TLI) Conference. They also presented the poster—Experiential Learning and Inclusivity in Business English Program—at the TESL Ontario’s 47th Annual Conference in December.

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New International Partnership Agreement Signed

Last March, the University of Guelph (U of G) and Chungbuk National University in South Korea signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The new partnership will provide Chungbuk students the opportunity to enrol in English Language Programs (ELP) at U of G.

Group of leaders at the signing of the new partnership.