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The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OPSE) Land Drainage Committee meet during the year to discuss current practices and activities involving Ontario drainage engineers and plan the annual Drainage Engineers Conference.

Drainage engineers in Ontario will find current information on the following:

2022 - Drainage Engineers Conference

Mark your calendars for the Drainage Engineers Conference scheduled on Friday October 21, 2022. The conference will be held at the Inn of Waterloo and Conference Centre.

Drainage Engineers Course

The OSPE Land Drainage Committee organizes technical courses to meet specific learning needs of drainage engineers. Typically a half day, the annual course is scheduled the afternoon before the Drainage Engineers Conference.

2022 Drainage Engineers Course

The Drainage course is deferred until October 2023.

See the Previous Drainage Engineers Course Programs.

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Drainage Conference Proceedings

Past proceedings are posted on the University of Guelph’s Open Journal - Drainage Engineers Conference.

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