The OSPE Land Drainage Committee organizes technical courses to meet specific learning needs of drainage engineers. The annual course is scheduled the afternoon before the Drainage Engineers Conference.

Drainage Engineers Training Sessions

The Land Drainage Committee of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) has developed a Drainage Engineers Course which focuses on the responsibilities assigned to the engineer under the Drainage Act. The course does not review design aspects of drainage systems.

The training sessions will be offered on a regular basis.


This course is directed to employees of engineering firms involved in preparing reports under the Drainage Act.

Session 1: The Drainage Act and the Role of the Engineer

Topics Session 1 include:

  • The engineer’s role under the Drainage Act
  • Project scoping meetings
  • Legal aspect of petitions and the area requiring drainage
  • Section 78 work
  • Preliminary office work
  • On-site meetings
  • Preliminary reports
  • Field work
  • Content of reports
  • Sufficient outlet

Session 2: Assessments, Allowances and Design

Topics Session 2 include:

  • Assessments
  • Allowances
  • Design considerations

Session 3: Acts, Assessments and Cost Benefits

Topics of Session 3 include:

  • Summary of legislation that must be considered in reports under the Drainage Act
  • Environmental appraisals
  • Benefit cost statements
  • Section 40 reports
  • Severance and land use change reports (S.65)
  • New assessment schedule reports (S.76)

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