AV Checkout Equipment

AV Loans, Rentals & Event Setup

The Classroom Technical Support (CTS) Loan Counter offers a wide range of traditional AV equipment as well as the latest digital presentation technology. If equipment is not permanently installed in the classroom, instructors, staff and students can borrow from the CTS Loan Counter.

There may be a nominal charge for equipment, labour and delivery. Call our multimedia specialists at 519-824-4120 ext. 52778 for applicable charges.

Equipment Availability 

Teaching remains our primary focus and equipment is available on a first come, first served basis. Some equipment is available in limited quantities so we strongly recommend that you reserve well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Equipment not picked up within one hour of the time requested will be made available to other clients. Charges may apply if you do not cancel your reservations. For delivery and/or an operator, a minimum of two working days is required. We ask that you return all equipment promptly since other clients may be waiting.

Who can reserve equipment?

While the primary mandate is to support teaching, equipment is made available to the following individuals and groups:

  • departments, for departmental meetings and training sessions
  • faculty, for research activities
  • staff
  • students
  • student groups
  • conference organizers
  • external clients

For information on fees, please see our Charging Policies.

Loans vs. Rentals


Instructors and students—who are authorized by a department—can borrow AV equipment on a daily basis for credit course-related activity (laptops excluded). There is no charge for loans. The sponsoring department assumes liability for equipment loaned to authorized instructors and students. Departmental administrators may contact the CTS Help Desk to provide a list of authorized individuals.


Rental fees apply to all non-credit course-related use of AV equipment and installed multimedia classroom technology. A two-day rental fee is required as a deposit for all cash, credit and debit card transactions. Visit the staff in room 108 in Day Hall or call the CTS Loans and Rentals Counter at 519-824-4120 ext. 52778 for assistance. The party paying for the rental assumes liability for rented equipment.

Fees and Methods of Payment

No Show and Late Return Fees

Late fees may apply for equipment that is not picked up or returned on time. There is a two-hour cancellation policy. Failure to comply with the above conditions could result in being denied future use of AV equipment.


Labour is charged at an hourly rate for equipment delivery and setup.

Methods of Payment

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • credit card--Visa® or MasterCard®
  • cash or debit
  • cheque
  • GL Code (departmental authorization required)

Please note that a security deposit is required for credit card, cash, debit and cheque payment options.

Who is liable for the equipment? 

You are required to sign a liability clause that holds you responsible for ensuring legal use (copyright) and safety of all equipment you borrow. Before equipment is released, you are required to sign the rental order agreeing to the terms and conditions on the back of the order.

It is your responsibility to ensure that equipment is not delivered to or stored in unsecured areas.

When departmental coding is provided, the department is liable for equipment until it is returned; for this reason, CTS requires written approval from your department authorizing you to use the equipment under these conditions. Your departmental administrator may send an email to the CTS Loan Counter to authorize your use.

Student requests must have written faculty (departmental) authorization and should be placed by the previously authorized instructor or departmental administrator with our Loan Counter staff. If you are an authorized instructor assuming liability for student use, please submit a class list with the course number in one of the following ways:

Departmental administrators are encouraged to indicate a date when the department is no longer willing to assume liability for use of the equipment by the student, staff or instructor.

If payment is made via cash, cheque, debit or credit card, the individual signing is liable for the safe and proper use of the equipment.

How to Reserve Equipment 

In an effort to provide better service, CTS is using a computerized scheduling system. Equipment can be reserved in the following ways:

To reserve equipment you are required to provide the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your department
  3. Departmental coding (or payment type)
  4. Your telephone number or where you can be reached
  5. Course number
  6. Date and time you require the equipment
  7. Date and time the equipment will be returned
  8. Location where the equipment will be used (building & room number)
  9. Type of equipment that you require
Special Event Setup 

If you are hosting a special event that requires a complex AV setup, please contact us by phone at 519-824-4120 ext. 52778. A minimum of two weeks is required in order to discuss your plans and to schedule an AV Specialist.

AV Checkout Equipment

Audio Equipment 
Audio Equipment
MP3 recorder.

MP3 Recorder

  • User friendly with built-in stereo microphone, external microphone inputs, records to SD card
  • Just point and record up to two hours
  • Easily transferred to your computer
  • Used for small group or classroom settings


  • Several types of microphones available: lapel, handheld, tabletop, wireless (for use with portable PA systems)
microphone stand.

Microphone Stand

  • Tabletop or floor stands with height adjustment
 powered speaker.

Speaker (powered)

  • Small portable speakers can be used with microphones
  • Used for addressing small to medium sized crowds or can be adapted to project audio from laptops


  • Mix and adjust sound levels for multiple audio inputs from 2 to 12 devices simultaneously


speakers on tripods. 


  • Powered speaker that can be mounted on a tripod stand or sit on the floor
  • Delivers great quality sound for audiences of 50+ people
Cameras & Video Equipment 
Cameras & Video Equipment
VHS camcorder


  • Digital video cameras with hard drive build-in and SD card slot (SD card not provided)
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries
  • USB port to transfer your video to a compatible personal computer
  • HDMI output to quickly watch your video on a TV
  • Includes: rechargeable batteries and AC cords
digital camera

Digital Camera

  • Little camera that zooms big
  • Remarkable clarity with image stabilization
  • Easy-to-use focus and controls
  • Panasonic Lumix® 7.2-megapixel digital camera with MEGA optical image stabilizer, high sensitivity mode and 12× optical zoom
document camera

Document Camera

  • Also referred to as a visual presenter
  • Consists of a video camera mounted on an extension arm and a stage area
  • Displays three-dimensional objects, models, x-rays, slides, magazine articles, newspapers, books, transparencies, or photos using  data/video projector and screen or TV monitor
  • Write on paper instead of the chalkboard for interactive discussions
DVD/VCR combo unit

DVD/VCR Combo Unit

  • Progressive scan output for clear DVD picture quality  
  • A high-density progressive DVD video signal is outputted rather than the traditional interlaced signal
  • Multi-format Playback for a variety of options  
  • Our DVD/VCR combos support many of the most popular digital formats available today
  • Compatible with DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-R 1, CD, CD-R/RW 2, Video CD, MP3 3, and JPEG formats--plus VHS playback
  • Enjoy great sound and picture quality  
  • 4-Head Hi-Fi stereo VCR offers high fidelity stereo sound and outstanding picture quality in both SP and SLP modes
  • Remote available upon request
  • Users must comply with copyright
Data/Video projector

Data/Video Projector

  • Projectors with remote control in carry bags
  • Show video and PowerPoint presentations on large screen
  • Use your laptop to link to web or your own server, in networked classrooms
  • Users must comply with copyright laws
document camera

Document Camera

  • Also referred to as a visual presenter
  • Consists of a video camera mounted on an extension arm and a stage area
  • Displays three-dimensional objects, models, x-rays, slides, magazine articles, newspapers, books, transparencies, or photos using  data/video projector and screen or TV monitor
  • Write on paper instead of the chalkboard for interactive discussions
Miscellaneous Equipment

iClicker Student Response System

  • iClicker is an easy-to-use student response system that facilitates feedback from participants and increases interaction with the audience
  • A portable system (25 clickers, receiver, and software) is available 
extension cord

Extension Cords

  • Various lengths available
portable screen

Portable Screen

  • 4 sizes of portable projection screens: 4', 5', 6' and 8'


  • Provides stability for digital and film cameras
  • Several types available
  • Screw mount attaches to bottom of camera
  • Collapsible legs for height variation
Slide advancer.

Slide Advancer

  • Use this device to deliver presentations and switch slides in MS PowerPoint from a distance
Mac adapter.

Mac Adapters

  • A range of different connectors available (all rooms on campus have the capability of VGA connections)
  • Cables available for sale or rental include:
    • Mini-Display Port (Lightning) to VGA
    • Mini-Display Port (Lightning) to HDMI&VGA or HDMI&DVI
    • HDMI to VGA (with or without sound)

Please note that some newer laptops and devices do not have built-in VGA adapters.