Alternative Assessment & Live Remote Invigilation

As courses at U of G continue to transition between modalities and assessment strategies, OpenEd has compiled the following links related to alternative assessment and live remote invigilation from our teaching and learning resources. The information available in the links provided below may be beneficial if you are looking to redesign your assessments in preparation for the next semester.


OpenEd's instructional technology specialists offer consultations on a wide variety of educational technology topics, including technologies available to assist with alternative assessment. Instructors interested in exploring technologies and related strategies to support alternative assessment may book a consultation with one of OpenEd's instructional technology specialists.

OpenEd's Distance Education (DE) team supports instructors in the revision and maintenance of DE course offerings, including the incorporation of alternative assessment strategies. Distance Education instructors interested in exploring alternative assessments may contact our Online Course Prep team to book a consultation with a member of the team.