Etiquette & Expectations

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Remote learning course websites may include both synchronous and asynchronous interactions and have the same protections, expectations, guidelines, and regulations used in face-to-face settings. 

In order to behave respectfully toward your instructors, TAs and fellow students, it's important to become familiar with the etiquette that is expected of you during your remote learning courses. Please keep in mind that inappropriate online behaviour will not be tolerated. 


Online Behaviour

Examples of inappropriate online behaviour are as follows:

  • Posting inflammatory messages about your instructor or fellow students
  • Using obscene or offensive language online
  • Copying or presenting someone else's work as your own
  • Adapting information from the Internet without using proper citations or references
  • Buying or selling term papers or assignments
  • Posting or selling course materials to course notes websites
  • Having someone else complete your quiz or completing a quiz for/with another student
  • Stating false claims about lost quiz answers or other assignment submissions
  • Threatening or harassing a student or instructor online
  • Discriminating against fellow students, instructors and/or TAs
  • Using the course website to promote profit-driven products or services
  • Attempting to compromise the security or functionality of the learning management system
  • Sharing your user name and password
  • Recording lectures without the permission of your instructor