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Open educational resources (OER) are educational materials—including textbooks, streaming video, test banks, podcasts, and modules—that are openly licensed and freely available for anyone to use and share. Many are high-quality and peer-reviewed resources that you can modify and repurpose to meet your specific course learning objectives and student needs. Using OER ensures that all students have access to the materials they need to succeed, improves accessibility for students with perceptual disabilities, and enables equal or improved learning outcomes.

Features of Course Material Options

Features Open Educational Resources Library Licensed Content Electronic Commercial Textbooks
Cost to Students no. no. yes.
Includes Ancillary Materials (lecture slides, question banks) somewhat.  no. somewhat.
Requires Accessing Third Party Platform no. somewhat. yes.
Ability to Download Material yes. somewhat. no.
Can be Shared  yes. no. no.
Perpetual Access yes. somewhat. no.
Ability to Link to Resources through ARES or CourseLink  yes.  yes. no.

Table Key: yes. = yes,  somewhat. = sometimes,  no. = no  

For support on getting started with OER, contact Open Educational Resources Support.

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