Respondus LockDown Browser for Online Exams

What is the Respondus LockDown Browser?

LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment in the learning management system (CourseLink). When a CourseLink quiz is set up to use the LockDown Browser and Monitor, a student is prevented from performing any other action on their computer while they complete their exam.

Enable Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

1. From the Quizzes tool dashboard, select LockDown Browser.

instructional screen capture


2. All your quizzes for the course will be listed here. Select the dropdown next to the assessment for which you want to enable LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor and select Settings.

instructional screen capture


3. From the LockDown Browser Settings, select Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.

4. You may wish to enable the on-screen calculator, if your exam requires one.

instructional screen capture


5. If you want to require the Respondus Monitor on your exam, select Require Respondus Monitor for this exam.

Note: The Respondus Monitor tool is dependent on having the LockDown Browser enabled.

6. You may wish to review and modify the default Environment Check options.

Note: The environment check notifies students prior to starting their Respondus enabled quiz to show the camera their location to ensure academic integrity. You may want to specify additional requirements (i.e., that they are able to have blank paper, a crib sheet, or any other tools they can use during the examination). This information can be provided by editing the text within the environment check.

instructional screen capture


7. Select Save + Close to save your settings and return to the Quizzes dashboard. Your quiz title will be amended to indicate which tools are required to attempt it.

Note: We recommend that you have students do a practice exam with the LockDown Browser and Monitor enabled. For more information on importing and setting up a practice exam, please see the Practice Test for Respondus LockDown Browser resource.

Before Starting an Exam

Students should be instructed to write down the contact information for CourseLink Support BEFORE they start any exam using CourseLink's Quizzes tool. If the quiz is using LockDown Browser and students experience technical difficulty, they will not be able to access the support website. Having the contact information at hand will expedite access to support in the event of technical difficulties.

It is strongly recommended that students call for assistance with any issue that is preventing them from completing their quiz, rather than emailing (provided the quiz is delivered during CourseLink Support’s hours of operation).

More student information on preparing for/completing a quiz using Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor is available on our Taking a Practice Quiz or Exam with Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor page. We encourage instructors using LockDown Browser and Monitor to post a link to this information on their course sites for students via Content or Announcements.