Summer 2024 Programming

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Join your fellow instructors and teaching assistants this summer to explore various educational tools and technologies and how they can be used to enhance teaching and learning at U of G.

On-going sessions, specific programming—during May, June, July, and August—and personalized sessions are all facilitated by our knowledgeable instructional technology specialists.



Web Conferencing Classroom Orientations & Practice Sessions

Date & Time: Ongoing (by appointment)
Location: Day Hall, Room 118

If you are assigned to a Lecture Web Conferencing or Seminar Web Conferencing Classroom, you may be interested in an orientation or practice session in our demo room in Day Hall.

Our 30- to 45-minute, in-person orientation sessions are facilitated by an instructional technology specialist (ITS), and include a walkthrough of the classroom technology, a chance to try out your laptop in the room, and an opportunity to better understand the in-person and remote student experience.

Alternatively, if you are already familiar with the web conferencing classrooms from a previous semester, you may also use the registration form to book time in our demonstration room to practice and test on your own by selecting the Practice Session option.

To register, complete the Demonstration Classroom Booking Form. You will be asked to provide three potential availability windows when requesting an orientation or practice session. Our team will make every effort to accommodate your availability.

Online Workshop: Get Started with Gradescope

Date & Time: Ongoing
Location: Online (Zoom)

Offered directly by our partners at Gradescope, these hour-long workshops are available on various dates and times throughout the semester.

Gradescope's team of trainers provide thorough demonstrations and answer questions about the platform. Please note that the trainers are not affiliated with the University. If you have a question about Gradescope specific to our institution, please contact CourseLink Support.

In the Get Started with Gradescope workshop, you learn how to:

  • Set up assignments where students can submit freeform work (no printers or templates needed)
  • Grade your existing exams and homework on Gradescope
  • Make rubric changes as you grade—changes apply to previously graded work to maintain consistency
  • Write each comment only once—apply previously used comments with a click
  • Use ‘assignment analytics’ to gain insight into student learning

Register through Gradescope’s website.


Summer brings warmer weather and conference season! During the month of May, the following two educational conferences are being hosted on campus:

Teaching and Learning Innovations (TLI) Conference

Dates: Wednesday, May 8 and Thursday, May 9, 2024

Beginning in 1988, the TLI Conference has evolved to include the exchange of ideas around effective teaching practice, scholarly teaching, and the presentation of scholarship in the area of teaching and learning. TLI brings together faculty, instructional staff, teaching assistants, graduate students and other University members to exchange new and innovative ideas around teaching and learning.

OpenEd representatives will be presenting a poster: Navigating the Hyflex Frontier Designing, Implementing, Evolving, and Sustaining Support Systems for Teaching and Learning Technologies from Emergency Remote Pivot to a Multi-Modal Higher Education Landscape.

Accessibility Conference 2024: Building Knowledge, Breaking Barriers

Conference Dates: Wednesday, May 29 and Thursday, May 30, 2024
Workshops Date: Friday, May 31, 2024

Join OpenEd online for the 2024 Accessibility Conference. All conference sessions will be hosted virtually via Zoom Events conference platform. Details will be emailed to all registrants closer to the conference date.

As a registration add-on, the pre-conference Assistive Technology & Alt Format Roundtable discussion is a complimentary bonus for conference delegates. Only 50 spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

See the schedule and register today.



Teaching with Artificial Intelligence Series

Date: Monday June 3 – Friday June 7, 2024 
Location: Virtual (Zoom)

Curious about artificial intelligence (AI) and teaching? Join us for the Teaching with Artificial Intelligence Series, a collaborative effort with the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL). More information and registration links for specific sessions are available on the Teaching with Artificial Intelligence Series website.

Sessions Topics:

  • Redesigning Assessments in the Context of AI
  • Should I use generative AI in my course – and how do I make that clear to students?
  • Exploring Generative AI Tools
  • Assessing the Impact of GPT on Faculty and Students at U of G: Boon or Bane?
  • Gradescope’s AI Answer Grouping for Handwritten Tests and Assignments
  • Leveraging AI to Tackle your Workload
  • Instructor Panel: Navigating AI’s Role in Teaching and Assessment

Teaching with Artificial Intelligence Series Partners:

  • Office of Teaching and Learning
  • Open Learning & Educational Support
  • Centre for Advancing Responsible and Ethical Artificial Intelligence
  • Office of Quality Assurance
  • McLaughlin Library
  • Contact North

Additional S24 instructional technology programming will be posted soon.

Keep an eye out for an announcement on CourseLink!


Are you looking for a session on a specific supported educational technology for your college, department, or instructional team? Our ITS team offers personalized sessions for large and small groups and will work with you to tailor a session to your needs.

To request a session, please contact the ITS team.



Web Conferencing Classroom Support Drop-In

Date & Time: Tuesday, May 7 | 10 to 11:30 a.m.
Location: JD Maclachlan Building | Lecture Room – MCLN 102 & Seminar Room – MCLN 107

This on-site drop-in session is intended for instructors who are teaching in a centrally supported web conferencing lecture room or seminar classroom during the S24 semester.

Whether it is your first time using one of U of G’s web conferencing lecture rooms or you are just looking for a refresher before the semester gets underway, please stop by during our drop-in period and a member of our instructional technology specialist (ITS) team will walk you through the setup process.

After attending the drop-in session, you will understand how to:

  • Download and install the DisplayLink driver
  • Connect your computer to the room AV system via USB
  • Set up a multi-monitor display
  • Select the appropriate settings on the room panel (Crestron)
  • Adjust the room camera(s)
  • Connect the room technology with your preferred web conferencing tool (Zoom or Teams)

Please note that drop-in assistance is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are unable to join us for the drop-in session, please book a time to meet with our ITS Team in Day Hall’s web conferencing demonstration classroom.