Taking a Practice Quiz or Exam with Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor


Before taking both the practice test and online final exam, complete the following steps:

  1. As a student, you should write down the contact information for CourseLink Support BEFORE you begin a quiz attempt. If the quiz is using Respondus LockDown Browser and you experience technical difficulty, you will not be able to access the support website. If the quiz is using both LockDown Browser and Monitor, please present the support contact information you have written down as part of your Environment Check. If the quiz is being delivered during CourseLink Support’s hours of operation, it is strongly recommended that you call for assistance with any issue that is preventing you from completing your quiz rather than emailing.
  2. Close all programs, unless one is used to connect you to the Internet.
  3. Start LockDown Browser.
  4. Log into CourseLink, select your course, and navigate to the practice test/final exam by selecting Quizzes from the Tools dropdown menu.
  5. If prompted, either close a blocked program (e.g., screen capture, instant messaging) by choosing Yes. Or, close LockDown Browser and close the blocked program before restarting.

Once you select the practice test/final exam link, you will be prompted to complete the Startup Sequence for the webcam that occurs before the test begins:

  1. Run the Webcam Check and, if necessary, resolve any issues. The Webcam Check will confirm that your webcam and microphone are working properly. The first time the Webcam Check is performed on a computer, Adobe Flash Player will require you to select Allow and Remember.
  2. Take Your Photo. Look into the camera and position your face so it fills most of the picture window. Select 'Take Picture'.
  3. Show Your Identification. Hold your student ID card to the camera and select 'Take Picture'. If you do not have a student identification card, use other photo identification such as a driver’s licence.
  4. Conduct the Environment Check. A mirror or cell phone with a front-facing camera is required to complete this check if you do not have an external webcam. Make sure the area around your computer is clear of papers, books, phones, etc. Select 'Start Recording' and slowly tilt/pan your webcam so a video can be made of the area around your computer. If using a mirror, hold the reflective side facing your computer up to your webcam (an arm’s length away) and slowly show the edges of your computer monitor to your webcam. If using a cell phone with front-facing camera, hold the screen side facing your computer up to your webcam (an arm’s length away) and use it to show the edges of your computer monitor. Ensure that you have recorded all 360 degrees of your environment. This includes the areas beside, behind, under and above your computer. Select 'Stop Recording' when finished. Once the environment check is complete, be sure to put your cell phone away from your exam area (i.e. in your pocket or in a drawer). Incomplete Environment Checks may be flagged for review by the instructor. For an example of an effective Environment Check, view Environment Check Tutorial

Additional Instructions

  • During the exam, do not access other resources (a phone, tablet, notes, books, etc.) or communicate with other people.
  • Please stay in your seat and focus on the computer screen until the exam is complete. If an interruption occurs, briefly explain what happened by speaking directly to your webcam.
  • In the event that you need a bathroom break during the exam, indicate in the recording the reason for leaving the room. Please note that you will not be given additional testing time and your video will be flagged for review by the instructor. You are not permitted to take any materials with you to the bathroom or access any resources (textbooks, notes, internet, people, etc.) during this time.
  • If you encounter a problem during the Startup Sequence, select the ‘It’s not working’ link for troubleshooting tips.
  • The practice test/final exam will begin after the Startup Sequence is complete. Note that once the test/final exam has been started with Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor, you cannot exit until the Submit button is


If you encounter technical difficulties downloading or installing, or any other problems taking the practice test/final exam with Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor (e.g., your computer freezes during the test or the software fails to work, etc.), email CourseLink Support or phone 519- 824-4120 ext. 56939 or 1-866-275-1478 (toll-free in Canada and US).