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U of GH CourseLink Quizzes for Final Exams: The Dos and Don'ts

With the final exam period approaching, you should review the following tips to ensure that your final exam is set up correctly in the Quiz tool in CourseLink. 


Do Check the Exam Availability Settings

The availability window of your exam should be one hour prior to the exam date and time posted on the Fall 2020 Exam Schedule; for example, if your exam is on December 11 at 3:20 p.m., the Start Date should be December 11 at 2:20 p.m. and the End Date should be December 11 at 3:20 p.m.  Students will be able to access the exam during that window and will have two hours to complete the exam from when they enter the exam environment.  Students will be unable to start the exam after the window is closed. 

Do Check the Timing of Your Exam

The time should be "Enforced", and all exams should be 120 minutes in length. You may add a 5-minute grace period if you prefer. Select prevent students from making further changes, after the grace period has ended. 

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Accessibility Accommodations

Students requiring additional time for the final exam should be set up under the Special Access section in the Restrictions tab of the assessment. Under the Type of Access, ensure that you enter the students under Allow selected users special access to this quiz. 

If Using Respondus for Your Exam 

  • Please ensure that you have this enabled on your exam. It is important to insert a practice test in the Quizzes tool in CourseLink. This will allow students to test the functionality of the exam software in advance of the final exam date. The practice test should be set to unlimited attempts with access extended to December 21, 2020. More information about Respondus setup can be found on the Remote Teaching & Learning website.
  • Select Enable iPad as an option under the LockDown Browser Advanced settings. 

Do Post a Course Announcement

Post a reminder for students in the course announcements to review the Online Exam Information as soon as possible.  Students should also be reminded to write down the CourseLink Support phone number prior to starting the exam. The LockDown Browser will prevent them from accessing other websites and having this information will expedite support in the event of technical difficulties. 


Do Not Select 'Hide from Users'

Students will not be able to see the link to start the exam if this is selected. 

Do Not Select 'Has Due Date' Under the Quiz Restrictions

This will cut off all students at the time entered, including students with accessibility accommodations. Selecting this would have unintended consequences—it’s like an in-class exam and when the instructor picks up the papers at the end; this action restricts students from continuing. 

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Do Not Put a Password on Your Exam

The exam is already secure within CourseLink and this is an unnecessary step that will complicate the process for students. 

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OpenEd is available to provide assistance seven days a week for instructors who have specific questions or require additional support. CourseLink Support will be available during the scheduled exam time for students. While an exam is in progress, students and instructors should call (not email) CourseLink Support for immediate assistance.

Contact CourseLink Support

Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 56939
Toll Free: 1-866-275-1478 (Canada and USA)

Visit the Remote Teaching & Learning website for more information.

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