Web Conferencing Classrooms

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To meet the needs of teaching and learning at the University of Guelph during the pandemic, OpenEd has upgraded 39 centrally booked classrooms with web conferencing technology to support diverse teaching approaches. These classrooms allow instructors the flexibility to teach face-to-face, remotely, or a combination of both.

If you are assigned to a teach in a Lecture Web Conferencing or Seminar Web Conferencing Classroom, you may register for an orientation session in our demo room in Day Hall.

These 30-minute, in-person orientation sessions, facilitated by an instructional technology specialist (ITS), include a walkthrough of the classroom technology, a chance to try out your laptop in the room, and an opportunity to better understand the in-person and remote student experience.

You will be asked to provide three potential availability windows when requesting an orientation. Our team will make every effort to accommodate your availability.

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Web Conferencing Classroom Information and Resources

Web Conferencing Lecture Rooms (Hybrid) 

The lecture (hybrid) classrooms allow instructors to deliver lectures simultaneously to students who are attending classes face-to-face and remotely, and also allow for optional recording of the class.

These classrooms have been upgraded with a faculty-facing camera, wireless mic for instructors, and an additional monitor for conference management and to view the chat from students who are attending remotely.

  • Synchronous lectures
    • Classroom and remote teaching via Web Conferencing
  • Optional recording of the class​
AV Options and Technology 
  • Presentation in room​/Presentation in Web Conference​ (Zoom, Teams, etc.)
    • Electronic resources (PPT, web pages, etc.)​
    • Handwriting (doc cam)​
  • Faculty-facing camera​
  • Faculty microphone (lapel)
  • USB 3.0/USB-C connection for laptop
  • Web conference monitor

Web Conferencing Seminar Classrooms (Flipped)

The seminar (flipped) classrooms have the lecture and recording function of the lecture (hybrid) rooms, and additional technology to support interactive teaching strategies.

The equipment in these rooms is similar to the lecture (hybrid) rooms, but with the addition of ceiling mics and a student-facing camera that allows in-classroom and remote students to interact with each other.

  • Synchronous lectures
    • Classroom and remote teaching via Web Conferencing
  • Discussions
    • Between professor and students
    • Between students and students (face-to-face and remote)
  • Active learning strategies​
  • Optional recording of the class
AV Options and Technology
  • Presentation in room/Presentation in Web Conference (Zoom, Teams, etc.)
    • Electronic resources (PPT, web pages, etc.)​
    • Handwriting (doc cam)​
  • Faculty-facing camera​
  • Student-facing camera​
  • Room microphone for students and faculty
  • USB 3.0/USB-C connection for laptop
  • Web conference Monitor

Web Conferencing Classrooms

The following rooms on campus function as Web Conferencing Lecture (Hybrid) and Seminar (Flipped) classrooms.

List of Web Conferencing Classrooms
Web Conferencing Lecture (Hybrid) Classrooms  Web Conferencing Seminar (Flipped) Classrooms 

ALEX 100

MCKN 121 CRSC 116 MCKN 230
ALEX 200 MCLN 102 CRSC 117 MCKN 232
ALEX 218 MINS 106 MAC 149 MCKN 234
ANNU 156 RICH 2520 MACS 121 MCLN 101
MACN 105 RICH 2529 MCKN 224 MCLN 107
MACN 113 ROZH 101 MCKN 226 MINS 300 
MACS 209 ROZH 102 MCKN 228  ROZH 105 
MCKN 29 ROZH 103    
MCKN 31 ROZH 104    
MCKN 115 THRN 1200    
MCKN 116 THRN 1307    
MCKN 117 WMEM 103    
MCKN 120