Environmental Science Certificates


Climate change and environmental protection are relevant and meaningful issues today. We have come to face many environmental challenges including preserving biodiversity, accounting for the real costs of continued environmental degradation, and recognizing our fundamental moral and ethical responsibilities as they relate to our place in the natural world. In order to make informed decisions, we must examine environmental issues from political, philosophical, economic, ecological and scientific perspectives.

About the Environmental Science Certificates

The University of Guelph is a leading institution in Environmental Sciences. The School of Environmental Sciences, recognized for its excellence and contributions to the environmental science industry, was established in 1992. With a fresh and future-oriented outlook, the School of Environmental Sciences' programs are based on a long-standing tradition of environmental research.

Whether enrolling for professional development or personal enrichment, the Environmental Science Certificates will help you gain insight and develop a sound knowledge of the environment. 


We offer the following two unique environmental science certificates:

Certificate in Environmental Citizenship

Developed from a social science perspective, in partnership with the School of Environmental Sciences, the Certificate in Environmental Citizenship is beneficial if you wish to explore global environmental issues facing us today and in the future. You will gain in-depth knowledge about environmental changes, their global impact, and how you can directly contribute to the environment's sustainability.

Certificate in Environmental Conservation

Developed from a biophysical science perspective, in partnership with the School of Environmental Sciences, the Certificate in Environmental Conservation is beneficial if you want to gain knowledge and an appreciation for environmental protection, conservation, preservation, and education and research. The program is designed to provide you with the credentials you need for professional advancement and personal enrichment.

Additional Information

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