Terms and Conditions

  1. The person signing this document and renting the equipment itemized above (referred to as the "Lessee") acknowledges that, prior to renting, the equipment was inspected and is in good functional condition at the time received.
  2. The Lessee agrees to pay the rental rate.
  3. The Lessee agrees to promptly return the equipment at the end of the rental period in the same condition received. The Lessee also agrees to assume any and all legal liability for the cost of repair or replacement in the event of loss due to theft, damage, negligence or misuse.
  4. Upon return and inspection by Classroom Technical Support (the "Lessor"), any and all repairs necessary and accessories missing that were itemized will be charged to the Lessee.
  5. The Lessee will also pay the Lessor for any charges incurred by it to recover equipment not promptly returned when requested.
  6. The Lessor retains title to the equipment.
  7. The Lessor assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by the equipment or other liability of any kind resulting from the use or malfunction of the equipment. The Lessee agrees that the limit of the Lessor's liability is limited to the refund of the actual rental fee ONLY.
  8. The Lessee must provide a University of Guelph department code and University of Guelph Identification Card when renting equipment. The lessee who does not have a University of Guelph department code must provide a valid Ontario driver's licence or University of Guelph Identification Card, and a deposit equal to two days rental of the equipment paid by cash, certified cheque, debit card or major credit card.
  9. The Lessee acknowledges that the Lessor is not liable for any consequential damages arising from the inadequacy of the equipment.
  10. The Lessee accepts responsibility and liability for any infringement of copyrights or performance rights through use of the equipment. The Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold blameless the University of Guelph from any liability which may arise from such infringement.
  11. Infringement of these rights can occur if this equipment is used to make recordings of broadcast programs, duplicate recorded program materials or display materials that have not been licensed for classroom use by the University of Guelph. To be licensed for classroom use the materials must be either owned by, rented for or produced by the University.
  12. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Lessor and the Lessee and the Lessee acknowledges that there are no promises, inducements, representations, collateral warranties, warranties, conditions, options or terms oral or written, express or implied, or otherwise, made or on behalf of the Lessor or operating in favour of the Lessee with respect to any aspect of the equipment other than as may be expressly stated in this agreement.