About the Open Learning Program

The Open Learning program is an open-admission program that provides anyone, regardless of their academic background, with an opportunity to register for University of Guelph online degree-credit courses.

You may choose to register in the Open Learning program for personal enrichment, professional development, eventual application to a degree program, or to satisfy requirements from another post-secondary institution.

Guaranteed Admission Pathway

Anyone who completes the Guaranteed Admission Pathway requirements could be eligible to transfer to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Commerce degree program at the University of Guelph. Take advantage of flexible and convenient online course delivery and follow the pathway to a degree program at Guelph.


You can expect to have the same workload, assignments and examinations as those in a degree program. Upon successful course completion, you will receive the same credit weight as students in a degree program.


The Open Learning program operates on a three-semester system: Winter (January to April), Summer (May to August) and Fall (September to December). Registration opens approximately two months before the beginning of the semester.

Certificate Programs

The Open Learning program also offers a variety of degree-credit certificate programs that can be completed online. You may choose to complete a certificate in order to enhance your post-secondary program studies, grow professionally, or improve potential employment opportunities. Although all certificate programs are open to current and prospective Open Learning program students, there may be prerequisites for some courses or programs. Questions about prerequisites should be directed to the Open Learning program Counsellor.