Business English Program

About the Business English Program

The Business English program is designed for students who would like to develop their general English language skills for use in the Canadian business environment. The program offers level-appropriate and interest-based topics, such as business presentations and marketing strategies, with a focus on sustainability. It also introduces vocabulary specific to various business domains and familiarizes students with Canadian businesses through company visits and guest speakers from local sustainable industries. Through a variety of in-class and extracurricular activities, students deepen their cultural understanding, improve oral and written English proficiency, and build confidence in communicating in international business.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Canadian culture and inter-cultural communication and its impact on business interactions and practices
  • Use language skills to engage in diverse business and social interactions, employing appropriate formal and informal language choices for a clear and appropriate expression of ideas
  • Develop an understanding of international business culture, using accepted ways of expressing ideas in varied formal and informal work environments
  • Deliver formal business presentations using visual aids
  • Identify and analyze the application of the United Nation’s Sustainable Developmental Goals in Canadian Businesses

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Admission Requirements

  • Interest in improving your English for international business
  • High Beginner level of English or higher

Required Expenses3 Weeks of Study
Application Fee $150
Tuition Fee* $4,500 (Winter 2024)
$4,625 (Summer 2024)
Medical Insurance $110
*Includes Business English Program, three weeks of homestay accommodation, three meals a day, local business visits and extracurricular activities. 
Refund Policy

The refund policy applies only to fees paid to the University of Guelph English Language Programs. Any additional fees paid to third parties are not subject to this policy.

Application Fee: The $150 application fee is non-refundable. All housing application fees $375/$525 are non-refundable.

New Applicants - BEP Refund Policy
Refund Request Deadline With an Original Visa Refusal Document Without an Original Visa Refusal Document
Up to 2 calendar months prior to the first day of class 100% tuition deposit + 100% any additional fees 50% tuition deposit + 100% any additional fees
Less than 2 calendar months prior to the first day of class 100% tuition deposit + 100% any additional fees 0% tuition deposit + 100% any additional fees


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