Guaranteed Admission Pathway

The combination of the English Language Certificate Program (ELCP) and the Open Learning program provides a flexible option for guaranteed admission to bachelor of commerce and bachelor of arts degrees at the University of Guelph.† This pathway saves you time by allowing you to complete courses toward your degree while you are finishing your advanced English language courses.‡

How it Works

The following steps are required for the Guaranteed Admission Pathway:

  1. Complete the advanced level of the English Language Certificate Program
  2. Complete four undergraduate courses with a 70% cumulative average†
  3. Enter your degree program with four advanced credits toward your degree

†Only for students who have not studied at a post-secondary institution.

‡Students must achieve an overall average of 80% or higher in levels 7 and 8, or in levels 8 and 9 to be eligible to begin Open Learning degree-credit courses while completing the advanced level of ELCP.

Please note that this pathway program is designed for English language learners and is structured differently than our Guaranteed Admission Pathway for Open Learning program students.


If you require more information about the ELP Guaranteed Admission Pathway, please email the English Language Programs office or email the University of Guelph China Application Centre.

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