ELP Provincial Attestation Letters

The following information is intended for students who have applied to one of our English Language Programs, have an offer of admission, and require a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL).

If you are not sure if you are required to submit a PAL with your study permit application, we suggest reviewing the information listed on the Government of Canada website.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have all the required documents when applying for a study permit.

If you require a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL)

The following steps will guide you through the process of obtaining a PAL for a study permit.

Step 1: Accept your English Language Program offer of admission.

Sign the offer letter and return the document to: esl@uoguelph.ca.

You must accept your offer before we can begin the PAL process.

Step 2: Pay your Tuition Deposit.

This deposit affirms your commitment to the program and will be applied to your tuition fees. It is not an additional fee. To make a payment, follow the instructions provided when you receive your offer of acceptance.

Information regarding refund policies can be found on the description page of each program via the Programs and Pathways page, as well as in your offer of admission.

Step 3: Verify your information and confirm payment has been completed.

Once you have paid your deposit, email esl@uoguelph.ca to provide proof of payment and confirm that all your contact information is accurate.

The address provided on your application should be where you currently live. It is important that this address is also used for your PAL and your study permit application.

Step 4: Wait for the next steps.

The process to issue a PAL will be initiated. Our staff will follow up with you once the letter is ready.

Step 5: Apply for your study permit.

Once you have received your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and your Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL), you will have all of the required documents from U of G to complete your study permit application.