Horticulture Studies Transition Pathways

OpenEd is pleased to launch the following new online horticulture studies programs:

These programs provide you with the ability to customize your learning and specialize within a field. You can expect an engaging, practical online learning experience that will meet your professional and personal goals and interests.

Information for Current Horticulture Studies Students

As a current student with OpenEd, you have been sent an email introducing the new program. Please look for that email in your inbox. 

If you are already working towards an existing certificate or diploma, you will be able to continue working towards the completion of that program.

We invite you to spend some time exploring the new horticulture studies programs. As you explore, you will find that we’ve created some new courses, eliminated others, and changed the names of some courses to reflect new content and trends in horticulture and landscape design. If you can't find a course you are looking for, we’ll be more than happy to help you find a new or alternate course to meet your certificate or diploma requirements. It's also possible that you may decide to switch to one of our new horticulture or landscape design programs. Either way, feel free to send us an email or chat live with us so we can help you with selecting courses, deciding on a pathway, or transitioning to a new program.

Horticulture Studies Transition Pathways

Visit our transition pathway pages below to learn about the wide variety of options available to you.