Integrated Admission Pathway

About the Integrated Admission Pathway

The Integrated Admission Pathway is designed for students who want to begin taking university degree-credit courses while they are still improving their English proficiency. The combination of English language courses and selected degree-credit courses provides students with an integrated learning experience within a supported environment. Successful completion of the program meets the English proficiency requirements for the University of Guelph.

This pathway provides a flexible option for admission to the following degree programs, including all regular and co-op majors, at the University of Guelph:

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How it Works

Complete five courses (5 x 0.5 credits) towards your degree in just three semesters, while studying English language courses. Then begin your full-time degree program.

Pathway Progression
Fall SemesterWinter SemesterSummer SemesterFall Semester

English language courses

1 x 0.5 credit course

English language courses

2 x 0.5 credit courses

English language courses

2 x 0.5 credit courses

Begin full-time degree program study

Admission Requirements

  • A minimum of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent
  • Strong academic transcripts

Dates - 2024/2025
Application Deadline with Campus Residence June 3, 2024
Final Application Deadline August 9, 2024
Orientation September 3, 2024


Required Expenses 12 Months of Study
Application Fee $240
Total Tuition $30,385
Student Service Fee $2,575
Medical Insurance $660
Total $33,860
Fee Payment Deadlines
Expense Amount Due Payment Due Date
Application Fee $240 June 1, 2023
Tuition Deposit Fee $1,000 June 1, 2023
Fall Semester Payment $11,000 August 1, 2023
Winter Semester Payment $12,000 November 1, 2023
Summer Semester Payment $9,620 March 1, 2024
Required Expenses 12 Months of Study
Application Fee $240
Total Tuition $32,246
Student Service Fee $2,575
Medical Insurance $660
Total $35,721
Fee Payment Deadlines
Expense Amount Due Payment Due Date
Application Fee $240 June 1, 2024
Tuition Deposit Fee $1,000 June 3, 2024
Fall Semester Payment $12,000 August 1, 2024
Winter Semester Payment $13,000 November 1, 2024
Summer Semester Payment $9,481 February 28, 2025
Refund Policy
Refund Policy
Refund Request Deadline With an Original Visa Refusal Document Without an Original Visa Refusal Document
Up to 4 calendar months prior to the first day of class 100% tuition + 100% of any additional fees Full program tuition minus first installment of $12,000 + $240 application fee
Less than 4 calendar months prior to the first day of class of the first semester of the program 100% tuition + 100% of any additional fees 0% of any fees paid

Student Benefits and Support Services

Activities and Student Life 

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning opportunities are an important component of language development and, therefore, the Integrated Admission Pathway will provide opportunities for you to engage in similar experiential learning activities. Volunteer opportunities will be made available to you so that you can take part in University events or local events that take place within the broader community; for example, you will be able to engage in community volunteer activities such as planting trees (~20 students), supporting the activities of the Donkey Sanctuary (~10 students), as well as assisting at the Multicultural Festival (~50 students). As a result, you will develop your language skills and your understanding of Canadian culture through a variety of experiential learning opportunities.

You will also take an active part in field trips and activities that will allow for the application of language in a variety of professional, cultural and social settings, such as trips to Toronto, Niagara Falls, and other local areas of interest.

There may be opportunities for you in the pathway program to mentor new ELP students (e.g., at lower levels). If you engage actively in experiential learning activities, you will receive recognition for your contribution.

Visit our Facebook page to stay connected to what is happening with ELP activities, and with your fellow students.

At certain times of the year, we organize a variety of extracurricular activities such as trips to Niagara Falls, skiing and snowboarding, Toronto shopping trips, and volunteer opportunities. As well, there are local campus-based activities, such as soccer and karaoke.

Conversation Peers

Conversation peers are University of Guelph student volunteers who help ELP students improve their English conversation skills and social and cultural knowledge.

Through this program, ELP students can:

  • Develop their speaking and listening skills through conversation practice in small groups or one-on-one
  • Learn about university academic life, Canadian culture and customs, and local information
  • Create connections between the international community and the University
  • Participate in social events and visit local areas of cultural interest together
Writing Support Group and Supported Learning Groups 

To ensure that you are supported throughout your pathway experiences, you will have access to Supported Learning Groups (SLGs) that will provide discipline-specific support. This will help familiarize you with the learning services available to you (e.g., Writing Services) as you progress in your academic studies.

During your first semester, you will be in a sheltered ENGL*1030 course, and you will be provided with a Writing Support Group.

In your second semester, you will be encouraged to attend SLG meetings that are offered on campus for undergraduate students.

We will do our best to provide you with as much support as possible. We may reach out to your professor(s) on a regular basis to check in on how you are doing throughout the program.

Guaranteed Admission

You will receive a letter of guaranteed admission to a degree program, conditional upon completion of the Integrated Admission Pathway. You are required to meet all undergraduate admission requirements with the exception of the language proficiency score. Given that language development is a component of this pathway, you will be admitted with a TOEFL IBT 56 score or IELTS 5.5 score.

Successful completion of the Integrated Admission Pathway requires:

  • Completion of English language courses with an overall average of 75% and no course average below 70%, which earns the Certificate of English Proficiency, meeting the University’s English proficiency requirements
  • Successful completion of all credit courses with a minimum 60% cumulative grade 

All registered full-time students will be provided with a basic membership to the Athletic Centre. Your basic membership allows you to enter the Athletic Centre and participate in all drop-in recreation activities. This basic membership does not include access to the weight room or fitness classes. Access to the weight room and fitness classes cost an additional fee.

Visit the Athletic Centre website for more information.

Monthly Bus Pass
Students will receive a monthly bus pass which provides unlimited access to local transit. Visit the Guelph Transit website for detailed information about local transit.
Medical Insurance 
All students must have medical insurance during their studies at the University of Guelph. English Language Programs provides medical insurance through GuardME Canada. A student wishing to provide their own medical insurance must provide proof of insurance no less than two weeks before the start date of the program to opt out of the coverage provided.
Library Access 
You will receive a University of Guelph library card, giving you access to the University of Guelph database and collections. The TRELLIS system is the joint University of Guelph - Wilfrid Laurier University - University of Waterloo online searchable catalogue.

Integrated Admission Pathway Student Policies

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